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Going beyond the basics of vitamins and minerals, Chinese medicine nutrition is the prescription of food based cures for health conditions. Foods are often prescribed as a supplement to acupuncture or herbal medicine treatment, and can help you to become more active in your recovery. Recipes for self healing then become part of your own first-aid kit against disease.

The typical modern day approach to food focuses on vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and calories. The sophistication of Chinese Medicine nutrition goes beyond this basic foundation of a medicinal diet and further categorises foods according to their effects upon the body: eg. warming, cooling, drying, moistening.

Chinese Medicine has always understood that the foods we eat are potent medicines. Food is just like any other medicine, if you eat the wrong type of food for your constitution, you can become very unwell as your body struggles to find harmony. The Chinese Medicine approach to nutrition recognises that there are no "one size fits all" approaches to anything, especially when it comes to the medicine that we take 3 times each day: our food.

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the healing power of food as a distinct branch of medicine: Food Therapy, and many healing recipes have been documented in the ancient texts, right the way through to modern times. The focus of Chinese Medicine Food Therapy in our clinic has been to give you an understanding of how you can use these ancient remedies and modify them for yourself to become your own tailor made foundation of healthy eating. Recipes that you know and love can be easily modified so they are well suited to your constitution and support the health outcomes you desire.